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Friday 24th January

Hello again,

In English this week, we have collected and investigated the language associated with loss and sadness. This has led to us drafting up a first person account that takes the role of Hetty Feather's foster mother who had the painful duty of taking the children she had cared for, as her own for five years, back to the Foundling Hospital, where they would be schooled and taught a trade (service for girls, soldiering for boys). 


In maths, we started the week converting fractions, decimals and percentages into their equivalent forms. Following this, we embarked on the important skill of calculating percentages of amounts. It has gone well but will likely continue to embed the strategies completely. 


In history topic, we have begun to investigate what our local area may have looked like in Victorian times. We found out that school is very near to three collieries (coal mines) and that Children from this area would have been required to work in them, as well as cotton mills and other factories. This idea proved particularly tricky for the class to empathise with.


Have a good weekend.