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Friday 24th June

Friday 24th June 2016


Welcome back to Year 5F’s blog for this week.


Maths – This week the children have been learning all about scaling. This involves looking at recipes and adapting them to make either more or less. For example…


Recipe to make 8 cakes.


200g  flour

100g sugar

150g butter

1 egg


How could we make 16 cakes? (Double all the amounts) How could I make 4 cakes? (Half all the ingredients) How could I make 12 cakes? (Half all the ingredients to make 4 cakes. Then add the amount for 8 cakes. Now you can make 12 cakes)


Take a look at this and test your scaling skills…

English – This week the children have continued to look at BATTLE CRIES. They have thought about the special persuasive techniques that writers use. Next, they have used these to practise writing their own sentences. Finally, they used all the magpieing (stealing good vocabulary and phrases) from the battle cries they watched last week as well as the persuasive writing techniques used to write their very own battle cry. The quality of EVERYBODY’S writing this week has been just AMAZING!


Take a look at some of their fantastic writing…

French – This week the children have continued looking at the EURO 16 Championships. They have all designed their own football strip for a team in the Euros. Then they wrote sentences describing the garments they had designed. They included the names of colours in these sentences.


Keira chose a design for Turkey’s (La Turquie) kit that was red and white. Here is her sentence describing her kit…


“Voici un maillot rouge et blanc, un short blanc et rouge, des chaussettes blanc et noir et des chaussures à crampon blanc et rouge.”

Hui Min designed a kit for England (Angleterre) using red, yellow and white. Here are her sentences describing her kit…


“ L’équipement pour Angleterre. Il porte un maillot jaune clair, rouge et blanc. Il porte un short blanc, rouge et jaune. Il porte des chaussettes noir, jaune, blanc et rouge. Il porte des chaussures à crampon blanc, jaune et rouge.”

Topic – The children have completed their Greek pots. They have added their decorations this week. The pots look really authentic. They have included meanders (patterns) as well as scenes from daily life. Take a look at their fantastic work…

Our certificate this week was awarded to Bethan for writing a superb battle cry speech - she sounded like a true Warrior Queen! smileysmileysmiley

All that remains to say we hope you have a weekend and we look forward to seeing you again on Monday.