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Friday 24th March

Friday 24th March


Welcome to this week’s blog from Year 5F.


Maths – The children have continued exploring tenths, hundredths and thousandths. They have begun to investigate the relationship between fractions and decimals. For example, 1/10 would be written as 0.1 as a decimal number.


Take a look at this website which allows you to convert between fractions and decimals…

EnglishThe children have been looking at the spelling rules for words ending in ible and ibly. Also, they have continued to look at our class book called Tuesday by David Wiesner. The children are using the pictures to make their own book with words, telling the story of the frogs. This week they have been concentrating on making sure that their writing is written in the past tense. They have also explored including modal verbs (could, would, can, will, must etc) in their writing. A modal verb offers a degree of possibility. For example…you should take an umbrella with you in case it rains…she will be playing out after school…I could have another slice of cake.


Take a look at how the children have used them in their writing...


The army of frogs marched forwards on their lily pads, they could be seen flying through the open window and some could be seen flying through the chimneys. What will happen next? Will the humans wake up to discover their houses in chaos?

Here is our CERTIFICATE WINNER for this week. He won for ‘upping his reading game’. He has always read every day but is now challenging himself to read for longer and a variety of books are now being taken home. A big well done from us all. nonono

A big thank you to all the parents and carers who came to Parent’s Evening on Tuesday. It was much appreciated and we really enjoyed talking to you all.


Our next Parent’s Evening is on Tuesday 28th March


Appointments with Miss Catherall and Mrs Roberts are as follows…


3.30 Alexa                                   4.50 Stuart

3.40 Ruby                                    5.00 Shaun

3.50 Marley                                 5.10 Harley

4.00 Chloe L                               5.20

4.10 Daniel                                  5.30 Jack

4.20 James                                 5.40 Jessica

4.30 Katie W                               5.50

4.40 Corey                                  6.00




The Year 5 EASTER ASSEMBLY is on Thursday 30th March at 9am in the main hall. We look forward to seeing you all. The children have been working extremely hard rehearsing ready for their performance.


All that remains to say is have a super weekend and we will see you again on Monday.

Finally, have you say.  Each week you will have a chance to decide on which new song we will learn in next week's whole school assembly.  Click on the link below to take part in an online vote.