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Friday 24th May

Hello and welcome back to final blog of this half term. We break up today and return on Tuesday 4th June.



We started some work on percentages this week. Percent means out of 100. Our job was to colour in squares in a 100 square grid to represent a percentage a fraction and a decimal.

   Eg.  25% = 25/100=1/4= 0.25      10% = 10/100= 1/10= 0.1

Fraction, Decimal and Percentage game

We also revisited multiplying and dividing by 10 and 100.


Try multiplying and dividing by 10,100


We started the week looking at past tense. We read a passage and had to identify where past tense should be used. We also had a sheet with missing words, some present tense and some past tense. We had to fill in the missing words. Sometimes it’s as simple as just adding ‘ed’ but some words change. For example: fly becomes flew,

catch becomes caught.

That was followed by creating a story plan for our own myth.

We practiced different sentence types; 2ad, relative clause, modal verb and fronted adverbials. This was to encourage us to use these sentences in our hot task; to draft and then write our own myth, which we do totally independent.


In topic our job was to order some pictures and dates on a time line.

It started in 776BC and the first Olympic Games all the way to 146BC when Greece fell under Roman control.

Take a look at a completed one.

Sports day

We hope you all enjoyed sports day as much as we did. We were lucky again with the weather and we all had fun! Proving the saying ‘it’s not the winning but the taking part that’s important’. We took a few photos for you to look at (though it wasn’t easy as the sun was a bit of a problem when trying to see the screen!)



May we wish Miss Power, who celebrates today, a very happy birthday! Also, may we wish Henley and Luke happy birthday as

they both celebrate their birthdays in  half term.



Pupil of the week… is Maisie C for being a silent superstar, who gets on without a fuss.; showing great maturity, ready for year 6. Also, being a great help to Mrs Cosgrove with the displays.





Have a super half term break, have fun but be careful and stay safe.