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Friday 24th November

Friday 24th November


Welcome to Y5F’s blog for this week. It has been another busy week and we have been working hard.


Maths – This week in Maths the children have continued working on multiples and factors. They have been making ‘factor rainbows’ which helps them to think about the pairs of factors that belong together. Here is an example of a factor rainbow for the number 24…


After that, we moved on to exploring prime numbers. A prime number is a number that is divisible only by the number one itself (for example, 2, 3, 5, 7, 11).


Here is a link to an online game involving prime numbers…

English – We began the week by looking at the features of letter writing. The children have all annotated a letter finding and describing the purpose of each feature. After that, they began to plan writing a letter of their own. Thee school council has been given a small amount of money to spend on improving the playground. All the children in school have written a letter to the school council trying to persuade them with their suggestions on improvements.


Topic – The children have continued their topic called VALHALLA which is all about the Vikings. The children have been learning about the first Viking raid on Lindisfarne. Lindisfarne is a small island off the coast of Northumberland, that was occupied by monks. It was known as Holy Island by the Vikings because of this. The Vikings pillaged and plundered, taking anything of value that they could find. They destroyed what was left behind and took any monks they hadn’t slaughtered with them as slaves. Take a look at this website which will give you a little more information about the raids…

Later on in the week, the children thought about what it would be like to be an actual Viking warrior about to go on a raid. We have collected interesting and exciting vocabulary to help us next week when we will be writing from the perspective of a Viking about to raid.


Here is our CERTIFICATE WINNER this week. He won for consistently applying himself in every aspect of school life. He reads every night, does his homework and works hard in all his lessons. A big well done from all of Year 5F. smileysmileysmiley He went on to be chosen as UPPER PHASE PUPIL OF THE WEEK and takes the trophy home with him till next Friday. nonono


We would like to wish you all a fabulous weekend and we will see you again on Monday.