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Friday 24th November

Hello and welcome back to Yr5W blog.



Factors were the name of the game this week. A factor is a number that when multiplied with another produces a given number. So the factors of 12 are (1, 12), (2, 6) and (3, 4). Some numbers only have 2 factors 1 and them self e.g. 2, 3, 5, 7, 11 etc. These numbers are known as prime numbers. It’s important to remember that 1 is not a prime number as it only has one factor (itself).


We began to look at modal verbs this week. These are auxiliary verbs that show a level of possibility, indicate ability, show obligation and give permission. Words such as: - will, may, shall, might, can, must, should, would could. They work in conjunction with other verbs.

For example: It is very cold, so you must wear your coat.

As it’s my birthday, I might go to the pictures

We then went on to look at the features of a formal letter.

We also looked at some examples of formal letters to check they had the features. It was then we noticed that they included an introduction (saying what the letter was about), a main paragraph (using persuasive language) and a conclusion (what was needed). Following that, we planned a letter to the school councillors. This was to ask for new playground equipment; before writing an actual letter.


Looking at the human lifecycle was this week’s science work. Giving the length of time each stage encompassed. So, a foetus is approximately 9 months, an infant up to 2 years of age, a child to the age of 11, adolescence from 12 to 18, an adult there after eventually turning to an elderly adult. We finally got to use the pictures of ourselves.


Carrying on with our Viking topic, we looked at the raid on Lindisfarne in 793AD. Lindisfarne is an island of the northeast coast of England. It is simply known as Holy Island and is only accessible at low tide via a 3 mile causeway.

The Vikings attacked the shores of Lindisfarne, Northumbria on the 8th June 793AD. They burned buildings (the church and monastery of St Cuthbert), stole treasure, murdered monks and terrified everyone. The Monasteries were famous for books, art and treasures. The devastating attack on the church of St Cuthbert sent shock waves through Europe.

Our task was to read some information and complete a questionnaire.


Pupil of the Week is

Barek Slowikowski for his quiet, calm nature and attention to detail in everything he does, resulting in a practically perfect year 5 Superstar!



We have no birthdays this week.


Have a safe and happy weekend!