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Friday 24th November

Congratulations to Harry for receiving the achievement award for working independently in maths on the part-whole model.



We have been learning about snails this week. We have found out lots of information about snails. Did you know snails have teeth? The bottom of a snail is called the foot.


Have a look at our fantastic writing on the WOW wall when you come to drop your children off at school on Monday.



We have continued to learn about adding. We have found the missing parts in the number sentence. Such as 4+___=6. 



In topic we have been finding hot and cold countries using a world map. We know that hot countries are near to the equator and cold places are near to the north and south pole.



In Science we have learnt about how animals survive in the winter. We found out that some animals hibernate (go to sleep for the winter) and some animals migrate (move somewhere else).


Hope you have a lovely weekend.


Lots of love, 

Miss Rose, Mrs Duckworth and all the Y1F staff.

x x x x x x x x