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Friday 25th September 2015

Well, hello there.  Welcome back to Y4F blog of the week.  Once again, you have found us at the end of a very, very busy week.  Let's see...

In English we have been busy drafting and writing our Roald Dahl biographies.  On Tuesday and Wednesday we wrote each paragraph, each about a different aspect of his life.  Yesterday, we proofread and edited our work.  We have talked a lot this week about Fronted Adverbial, and though they are tricky to begin with, we're well on our way.  We can now spot them, and are beginning to be able to say what the focus is of them.  They can tell us -who, what, where, when, why or how about a sentence.  Take a look at some of our finished pieces below.


Maths has been great too.  We have looked again at column addition (we looked at this in Year 3).  Although to begin with we were a little confused, (we have slept since Year 3) we very quickly picked it back up and made great progress.  By Wednesday, we were using column addition to work out money problems.  Mr Price was going to wait until Halloween to introduce us to a decimal point as he said they are so scary, but they didn't scare us at all.  Why not ask us to work these out...

£3.45                       £5.46                £3.41

£2.61 +                     £2.71+               £1.99

_____                      _____               _____


Another thing Mr Price showed us this week was how to read really big numbers.  Really, really big numbers! Check us out, ask us to read the numbers below.

Our teachers think we've had a really good week.  They realise how easy it is to be distracted...Bye for now.

Distracted Dog

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