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Friday 25th September

Another busy week in 3F and more new faces! We are a very popular class.

Mr Fletcher has been very impressed this week with the attitudes of all the children in his class. They are becoming very mature Year 3 pupils.



This week in English we have continued to look at The Pirate Code. We wrote a book review about this book. We felt like little writers. We then looked at pirate descriptions about Captain Greenbeard, we stole ideas and put them into our own descriptions.



In maths we ordered numbers up to 3 digits. We then used special symbols (< >) to show what number is bigger. We used our knowledge of place value to help us do this!



This week we learnt all about our skeleton. We learnt the 3 reasons why we have skeletons. We also learnt where different bones are in our body. Did you know an adult has 206 bones in our body. We need a lot of calcium to keep them healthy!



In music we continued to learn how to play the drums. We are getting very good now, and very very loud.



This week in Topic we created a fact file about the wonders of the world! It was very interesting.


Call back next week to find out more about our week in school!