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Friday 26th April

Hello and welcome back to the Yr 5W blog. We hope you all had an enjoyable Easter break and are refreshed for the new summer term.



In maths we looked at multiplying a fraction by a whole number.

You do this by placing the whole number over 1 and multiplying the numerators and then the denominators.

We followed this by multiplying a fraction by another fraction. The method is just the same; multiplying the numerators then the denominators.

Why not try the fraction game?


We started the new term with a new genre; Myths and Legends. These are both traditional stories.

A myth has been passed down through the generations to retell or explain a natural or social phenomenon and typically involves super natural beings or events.

A legend is sometimes popularly regarded as historical but not authenticated (confirmed as genuine)

We listened to the myth of Theseus and the Minotaur, completed a story board and then re-wrote the story, followed by a story map (where we draw little pictures to illustrate the story.)



We started a new topic this week. On entering the classroom to some music and dishes of dips and strips of bread on the table, we had to try and work out what our next topic was going to be. Take a look at the short video and pictures of our experience. After a discussion, we worked out that Ancient Greece is the new topic!

Greek Taster

Still image for this video


 In science we carried on our work on forces. We looked at water resistance. We had to predict which 3D object out of :-

  • a cone
  • a cube
  • a sphere   would fall the quickest/slowest and why?

We were then given some plasticine and in groups we made the 3D shapes, before performing the experiment.




We were lucky to have a visit from HH kids. Joanne told us information about smoking; showing us a power point, pictures to match with facts, quizzes and even a demonstration of what it would look like when your lungs are filled with tar (using a sponge and black treacle)


Pupil of the week is …  Isabelle for her determination and perseverance during a fitness test in P.E resulting in her finishing top!

Have a lovely weekend, enjoy your Greek salad!