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Friday 26th January

Mathematics - Area & Perimeter

Hello and welcome to this week’s blog!


What a week it has been! The children have worked incredibly hard this week and have made Mrs Melling and I feel very proud! We have had times tables certificates coming out of our ears!!


In English, we have worked on our grammar including using ‘Where’s Wally’ to help us write expanded noun phrases. We’ve also looked at the different uses of the apostrophe and varying our fronted adverbials.


We have been covering area and perimeter in maths and as well as working out some calculations for them, we’ve also carried out lots of practical work too. This included finding the area of the MUGA in case we ever need to get it recovered! I cannot tell you how well your children worked, they were meticulous with their measuring and worked remarkably well in their groups.


We carried out an experiment in Science which looked at if after exercise, our heart rate increased as well as our breathing rate. This involved the children carrying out a physical activity in order to investigate it.


Your children are loving the new our Victorian topic, we have been exploring what life was like for children during that era and they were shocked at just how difficult it was. Children as young as 4, yes 4, working in dangerous jobs such as chimney sweeping! Ask them about some of the other dirty, difficult and dangerous jobs they did – mention ‘pure’ to them!!


Well once again, a busy old week in our class, time for a well-deserved weekend!

See you on Monday.

Mrs Parry and Mrs Melling xx