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Friday 26th May

Friday 26th May


Welcome to this week’s blog from Year 5F, the final one for this half term. We can’t believe how quickly this year has been flying by!


We would like to thank all the parents who could come along to Sport’s Day on Tuesday to show their support. As you know, it was the most gloriously sunny day. The children were, as always, just amazing. The first event they took part in was the javelin throwing. There may well be some potential Olympians in our midst as both Jayden and Henley managed to throw their javelins magnificent distances.


After that, the children moved onto the sack race which caused much laughter as the children bravely tried to stay upright. It was hard work holding onto the sack and jumping at the same time. The children were brilliant and not one of them gave up despite it being quite tricky and tiring. Next, it was the standing jump. We had some very bouncy and ‘boingy’ children in Year 5F who stood out with their fantastic jumping skills. Watch out for Harvey T, Jack and Cerys who managed to jump some extraordinary distances!


Finally, it was time for the races. The children competed in a sprint race, a hurdle race and then a relay race. Again, their enthusiasm and support for each other shone through. Mr Fletcher was scouting for children to compete in The Town Sports Competition next month and was impressed with several children so watch this space! To end the morning, the children took part in a fancy-dress race between teams. One child from each team was dressed by the rest of the team as they raced to pick up the fancy-dress items. It was lots of fun and all the children entered into the spirit of the event.


Here are some photos from the morning…

Both Miss Catherall and Mrs Roberts would like to say a HUGE thank you to all the children for making the morning such a success. It was lovely to see how they encouraged and supported each other during each event.


Maths – The children have been investigating 3D shapes and their properties. They have been looking at the faces (sides), vertices (corners) and edges.


Take a look at this website which challenges you to think about the properties of 3D shapes…

English – The children have continued learning about Ancient Greek myths. A definition of a myth is a story without an author that is passed along by word of mouth, from generation to generation, and is usually intended to teach a lesson. They have been writing descriptions of some mythical creatures. Some have written about the grotesque Gorgon Medusa whilst others have written about the chimera, a ferocious creature with three heads, enormous wings and a long, snake-like tail. They have also written a description of where these monstrous beasts live. Medusa lives at the end of the world, guarding the entrance to the underworld, home of the god Hades. The chimera lurks in its den, a dark and dingy, gloomy place littered with the bones of former victims.


Topic – The children have continued finding out about Greek gods and goddesses. They have designed and made their own version of Top Trump cards based on Greek gods and goddesses.


Science – The children have been investigating water resistance. They have made different shapes from blu-tac to see which would move through water the quickest (have the least water resistance). They realised that to move through water quickly the shape needed to be streamlined. Streamlining a shape means giving it smooth, rounded sides and usually a pointed front to ‘cut’ through the water.


Take a look at this film clip which helps to explain water resistance and shows you the experiment that the children carried out for themselves.

Here is our CERTIFICATE WINNER for this week. She won it for simply being LOVELY. She could get this certificate for so many reasons as she really is a Year 5 superstar!

All that remains to say is have a fabulous half term and we’ll see you back in school on Monday 5th June. Fingers crossed the weather will stay as beautiful as it has been this past week.