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Friday 27th April 2018

Wow...another exciting week in Year Four.  There now, we said it, it's out there -no taking it back now.frown

In English, we've been building upon the work we did last week on explanations.  We looked at a new machine designed by our teachers, and we so want one.  Take a look.

We worked on how the machine works in English of Thursday and Friday.  Take a look at some of our introductions.


Are you sick of doing all those horrible chores for you mums and dads? Do you hate only getting a little bit of pocket money? Wouldn't it be wonderful is someone or something could do it all for you? Well now your dreams have come true. The Pocket Money Maker Machine will change your life forever! - Jessica 


Are you fed up of slaving away for your pocket money? Well now you don't have to because The Pocket Money Maker Machine will do it all for you. It hoovers, washes, dusts and even cleans the dishes. Buy the new gadget for just £9.99 - Brandon. 


Are you exhausted of doing everything for your mum and dad? Are you sick of working for a little bit of pocket money? Well, the new Pocket Money Maker Machine is perfect for you! - Jake. 


In Maths, we were finding fractions of amounts, including decimals.  To be honest, because we're so good at finding fractions, finding fractions that included decimals was a breeze.  Lots of us did so well.  Here's a little interactive game (that doesn't involve decimals) that's great to practice finding fractions of numbers to 20.  Click here

Wow...we've got to tell you this.  In Topic, which is on Rivers, we spent some time finding major rivers of the world and then rivers in the UK in our atlases.  We absolutely loved this activity.  We also became quite expert at it.  We wonder how many you could name?  Take a look.  Then try the short online quiz below.

Click here for the major rivers of the world quiz.


Click here for the rivers of the UK quiz.


We can't wait.  We've been told next week we will look at OS maps...They look amazing!


Thanks for dropping in -we'll see you next week.