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Friday 27th April

Hello and welcome back to 5W’s blog.



It is true, fractions are very tricky. We carried on with word problem involving them, changing their denominators so we could add or subtract them. We even had to convert them to improper fractions (where the numerator is higher in value than the denominator) in some of the calculations.

Then we looked at multiplying fractions and mixed numbers.

e.g. ½ x 5

The technique is to put the whole number over 1 (turning it into an improper fraction. Then, you simply multiply the numerators together then multiply the denominators; (simplifying the answer if necessary).

1/2 x 5/1 so 1x5=5 and 2x1=2 = 5/2 = 2½

Try the fraction game.


English at the start of the week was all about root words and prefixes. As you know a prefix is a word or syllable joined to the front of a word to change or add to its meaning. For example; outstretched, unhappy disappear.

Try your skills on the interactive game.

Our next job was a comprehension on the London Marathon.

Finally, we started to look at the latest book; ‘Tuesday’. However, it’s a book with a difference, it has no words. We began by looking at the front cover to try and glean some ideas of what the book was about. Flicking through the book fuelled us with more ideas. Miss Power then let us watch a short clip. Miss Power then gave us some pictures from the book with questions to answer using what we had predicted.


This week we had another visit from HHKids. We looked at some facts and figures around why people drink alcohol. We had some hands on activities to do and some role play. Joanne made it fun but we learnt a lot too. We also wrote an acrostic poem using the word ALCOHOL.


Pupil of the week is Aaron Talib for his enthusiastic approach to his Fresh Start sessions (playing Sound Bingo), resulting in some excellent progress.


Have a great weekend and we’ll see you in May oh, and the last day of April too!!!