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Friday 27th January

What a week!

Well done to our pupil of the week who is simply a silent superstar!



In Maths, we have perfected the bus stop method to help when dividing! We found this our favourite method!



On Monday we continued looking at non-fiction texts. Then on Tuesday we were learning the A and An rule. We did this by playing a game on the playground, check out the photos below. We started our new book called Vesuvius Poovius, on Wednesday, we had to predict what the story was about! Then write a setting description about before and after the great invention of the Vesuvius Poovius Loovius!.



In Science we continued our topic of Light. This week we were looking at reflection. We had to find the most reflective material in our classroom! We found that the smoothest, shiniest materials were the best reflectors.



We continued to look at the impact the Romans had on Britain. This week we looked at the Roman Baths and how they changed Britain. We were very impressed by how they heated the water for the baths!



Passing was this weeks focus in basketball. We learnt how to bounce pass, chest pass and overhead pass. 


Well done to our readers, keep up the hard work!