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Friday 27th January 2017

Welcome back to Y4F's weekly blog.

This week in English we have been looking at a story called `The Great Race'. It is the story of the Jade Emporer and how he held a race to decide which animals would make up the zodiac.  Do you know why we looked at this? Well, tomorrow is the Chinese New Year.  Throughout the week our work included boxing-up the story, writing our own horoscopes for 2017 and rewriting the story.  In Reciprocal Reading, we read another story called Old Man Shoa and the Fire.  This was a story also set in Orient.  Say, do you you know what year you were born in terms of what animal represents you?  Most of us in class were either born in the year of the Rat (who won the race, albeit sneakily) or the Ox (who gave him a ride on his back).  To check out what year you were born click here.

In Maths, we are still busy learning all about fractions.  This week we have been focusing on equivalent fractions, and we have looked again at tenths and hundreds.  Today, Friday, we were working out fractions of amounts.  They were easy really.  So we were faced with problems such as this...


1 of 24 =


We needed to divide 24 into 4 equal groups.  You'll notice the bottom number (the denominator) tells us how many equal groups we need.  The easiest way we found was to count in 4s til we hit 24.  How jumps we've made is how many would be in each group.  So, 4, 8, 12, 16, 20, 24.  You notice that there are 6 jumps?  Then the answer is 6.  24 divided into 4 equal groups is 6.

Why not try some...

1   of  12=      1  of 20=    1   of 16 =

3                   5                4






In Science we set up a really cool experiment.  Our question was `Which liquid causes most damage to our teeth?'.  Now, obviously we couldn't test this on our own teeth.  So as eggshell contains large amounts of calcium, and so do our teeth, we thought that eggshells might be a great substitute for real teeth.  We chose 5 different liquids to put our eggshells into, we had the same amount of liquid in each glass and we have them in the same place at the same temperature.  Mr P did ask us to vote on which one would cause most damage to the eggshell, but some of us changed our minds when we saw the sugar content.  Take a look at these pictures...which do you think will cause most damage?

In Computing for the past couple of weeks, we have been using Logo to look at on screen control.  It's a little programme that reall gets you thinking about the instructions that you give to a computer, about measurements and about angles.  You tell the cursor fd 50 (for forward 50), rt 90 (to turn 90 degrees to the right).  If you typed this 4 times you would have created a square.  It is easier to type Repeat 4 [fd 50 rt 90], which repeats the instructions 4 times.  This week we have drawn pentagons and hexagons.  Then we were challenges to make octagons, change pen size and colour.  For a simple little programme -it really is a lot of fun.  Here is an online version -check it out! Click here.

Here is a variation called turtle.  Click here.