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Friday 27th January

Friday 27th January


Welcome to this week’s blog from Year 5F. This week the children were delighted to meet the current French Ambassadress, Noémie Courant, from Wigan’s twin town of Angers.


Take a look at this website to discover a bit more about her role and our twin town of Angers…

She came into school to meet the children and talk about what life is like in Angers. The children were able to think about the similarities and differences between Wigan and Angers. For example, Wigan is a town whereas Angers is a city, yet they have similar populations of around 300,000 people. Both places have rivers, football teams, Christmas markets and pies, although their pies contain prunes and not meat! Here are some pictures from her visit…

Maths – The children have continued to look at fractions this week. They have been investigating finding a fraction of a number. For example, what is ¾ of 12?


To work this out the children were told to remember the letters DDTT. This stands for Divide by the Denominator Times by the Top. (The denominator is the bottom number of a fraction). So, the calculation would be…


The whole amount divided by the denominator (DD)



Next, this answer needs to be multiplied by the numerator, or timed by the top (TT) 3x3=9


Therefore, ¾ of 12 is 4.


Take a look at this website where you can build your own fraction wall…

English – We have continued reading our new class novel, The Iron Man by Ted Hughes.


The children have designed their own Iron Giant. They then wrote a description of him/her using simile sentences, fronted adverbial sentences, 2Ad sentences and De:de sentences. Why not as your child to explain what each of these super sentences are?


Following on from that, they then on to write a description of where their story will be set. They had to think really carefully about the type of vocabulary they wanted to include in their work.


Topic – The children have been using both information books and the internet to continue with their fact file all about Space.


Science – The children have been investigating how the sun, earth and moon orbit around each other. Did you know it takes 365¼ days for the earth to orbit the sun? Also, it takes approximately 28 days for the moon to orbit the earth. The children have learned that earth spins on its axis once every day (or 24 hours). Whereas, the moon doesn’t spin at all! We ALWAYS see the same side of the moon from earth. The moon does not produce its own light – actually, it reflects light from the sun. Saturn has an amazing 62 moons! On the other hand, Mercury and Venus have no moons at all!


The children have each produced a model of how the earth orbits the sun and the moon orbits the earth. They look fantastic.


Here is our PUPIL OF THE WEEK. She won her certificate for being such a confident and fantastic teacher during gymnastics this week in P.E. The teachers want to thank her for not shying away from the challenge, as she was a great help. Her clear demonstrations were able to show the other children in class exactly how to perform each move.

All that remains to say is wrap up and keep warm,  have a great weekend and we will see you again on Monday.