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Friday 27th November

What a strange week we have had!


The strange happenings started over the weekend when a spaceship flew over the school, hovered over the ALPS and dropped an egg.


We were gathered in the hall on Monday morning for an assembly where Mrs Houghton told us about the events.


Our work in Maths and English this week has been focused around the events. 



This week we have learnt how to collect data and represent it in different ways. We used tally charts to collect the data, then shown this as a bar chart and used the bar chart to answer questions.



On Monday we had to predict what had happened and what we thought was going to happen. We had to write a re-count of the weekends events on Tuesday. On Wednesday we made wanted posters, this was to help people find the alien that messed up our school. We had to create and describe our very own planet on Thursday and Friday!



This week in Topic we finished our 3D photo frames and started to look at our new topic! We will now be focusing on the Stone Age, Iron Age and Bronze Age.



Wigan Warriors took our P.E lesson again! We have developed our rugby skills even more. We are so good they have invited us up to central park!



Mr Grimshaw has said we are almost ready for our drumming assembly, just a few last minute tweeks and we will be there!


A huge well done to Michael who won this weeks pupil of the week for the whole of lower ks2. Michael has had outstanding attendance, made amazing progress and puts a huge effort into everything he does! Keep it up!

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