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Friday 27th September

Hello and welcome back to our blog!


In maths this week, we have been working on addition and subtraction with some pretty big numbers! Once we had refreshed ourselves with this, we started to look at missing digit calculations – these can be really tricky, but I’m pleased to say that all the children took on the challenge and did a fab job!


In English we have been writing a portal story based on the Gas Mask, which we looked at last week. The children have been taught to include a range of grammatical structures in their writing and we look forward to their very own stories next week.


We looked at refraction in science and carried out an investigation to see what happens when we put a pencil in a glass of water…ask your children what the results were!

Once again, it’s been a very busy week in 6W. We hope you have a good weekend and that the children come back on Monday refreshed to take on some more learning!

See you on Monday

Love from Mrs Parry & Mrs Melling xx