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Friday 28th April 2017

Welcome back to our blog.  Yet another week done and dusted - busy, busy, busy (you know the script by now).


In English, we have continued to focus on explanations.  Ever heard of a `Pocket Money Maker Machine’? Well we hadn't until this week and after much discussion it was agreed (unanimously!) that this is indeed a rather excellent piece of kit (for kids that is).   

Take a look at the picture below. How do you think it works? Can you see what the benefits may be for a child that has chores to do and is grossly underpaid (apparently!).

Our writing was quite a success this week as we included a range Year 4 objectives.  See our examples below.  Can you spot that we have used paragraphs?  Can you spot any fronted adverbials?  Can you see that we have kept our `was’ and `were’ correct? (Did you know these are called verb inflections?)

In Maths, we have been looking at the relationship between kilometres (km) and metres (m) and converting from one to the other.  Did you know there are 1000 metres in 1 kilometre?  Therefore, to find how many metres are in 2.7 km, we needed to multiply 2.7 by 1000. So using this method, 2.7 x 1000 = 2700m.  How easy is that?!  This links all the way back to the work on Place Value that we covered in September (and the work we did on decimals last term).  Most of us did really remembering the rules for 10 x, 100 x, or 1000 x bigger (or smaller for divide) and how many places the digit shifts for each one.  The secret each, count the zeros.  For 10, there is one zero so we shift the digit one place.  For 100, there are two zeros so the digit shifts two places and so on.  Using this, can you answer the problems below.  We can.

We have continued our  'busy-ness' all week and Friday afternoon was no exception. We have been carrying on redesigning the school ALPS using the programme, Minecraft.  Take a look at our screen shots -haven’t we done a lot of work so far?

Don't forget to have your say.  Each week you get a chance to decide on which new song we will learn in next week's whole school assembly.  Click on the link below to take part in an online vote.