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Friday 28th April

Friday 28th April


Welcome to this week’s blog from Year 5F.


MathsThe children have been investigating the link between percentages, decimals and fractions. They have learned that percent means out of one hundred. So, any percentage can be easily turned into a fraction by putting one hundred as the denominator.


For example…

23% is the same as 23/100


To write this as a fraction then become easier as 23/100 has no whole number as it is part of a number. It is made up of two tenths and three hundredths. So…


23/100 is the same as 0.23

Which means that…


23% is the same as 23/100 which is the same as 0.23


Therefore, they are all equivalent (the same). The children then moved on to

finding percentages of an amount. Did you know…


50%=½ to find 50% of an amount you half it

25%=¼ to find 25% of an amount you half it and half it again

75%=¾ to find 75% of an amount you add 50% and 25% together

10%=1/10 to find 10% of an amount you ÷ by 10

5%=1/20 to find 5% of an amount you half 10%

1%=1/100 to find 1% of an amount you ÷ by 100


Take a look at this website which will help you to look at equivalent fractions, decimals and percentages…

EnglishThe children have been looking at the spelling rules for words with the endings entenceency. Also, they have continued with our topic called BATTLE CRIES. The children have been ‘magpie-ing’ (taking) ideas from the three battle cries they looked at last week. Also, they have been practising different types of sentences that they can include in their own battle cry. Take a look at them for yourself…


Who, why sentence

Sons of Westfield, it is time we took a stand against our dreaded foe.


Fronted adverbial of time

For generations, we have suffered under the rule of this cruel tyrant.


No more… No more…

No more shall we do the bidding of this oppressive ruler. No more shall we be shackled by fear.


Modal verb (possibility)

It might be that some of you don't see the dawning of a new sun.


Modal verb (certainty)

You can provide freedom for your children and your children's children.


Use alliteration to inspire belief in success.


What we do today determines our destiny.


TopicThe children began the week looking at Greece today. They located it on a map in an Atlas, discovered what countries were around it, if it had any mountains, what the land was like and what water it is surrounded by. They looked at the temperature as well. Then, they followed this up by comparing Greece with England…what is the same and what is different. Also, the children have watched some film clips showing what life was like in Ancient Greece and compared it with life today.


Science – The children have been thinking about the force called FRICTION. Friction is the force which slows things down. It happens when two surfaces rub up against each other. The children have planned an experiment to see if they change the surface when pulling a shoe if it will affect the amount of force needed.


Here is our CERTIFICATE WINNER for this week. She won for a wonderful, independent piece of writing in R.E – showing off her English skills in other subject areas. A big well done to her from us all. smileysmileysmiley

All that remains to say is have a fabulous May Day Bank Holiday weekend and we’ll see you again on Tuesday.

Finally, have your say.  Each week you will have a chance to decide on which new song we will learn in next week's whole school assembly.  Click on the link below to take part in an online vote.