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Friday 28th April

Hello and welcome to our blog,


This weeks pupil of the week goes to Braydon for working at home to achieve not only his Bronze but also his Silver all in one week. His hard work really has paid off.


Well done to all of our super readers this week, we are getting more and more each week.



We have been re-capping on fractions. Mr Fletcher has been blown away by our ability to order, compare and and subtract fractions. We also found equivalent fractions. 



Our English lessons have continued to look at poems. However this week we have focused on 'The Magic Box' by Kit Wright. We picked the poem apart and then considered what we would put into our own magic box, at the end of the week we wrote our own poem about our magic box.



We have completed our magnets and forces this week by grouping everyday items according to whether they are magnetic or not.



This week we looked at how search engines worked, they travel all around the world and back in less than a second! We were all very impressed by this thought.



Mr Grimshaw said we are getting better and now we have started to create rhythms.



We have been looking at the cause and effect of Tsunamis and Earthquakes. It is really interesting, in our spare time we read text books about the Natural Disasters.