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Friday 28th February

Welcome to our blog- here are the highlights from the week. 


In Maths we are learning about numbers to 50. We have been looking at tens and ones in the number, which number is the greatest/smallest, counting in 2's and writing numbers. 


In English we have been reading The way back home. We learnt a model text that was a description of the martian in the story. We have imitated the model text this week and wrote our description of the martian. 


In topic we have started to learn about Space. We were introduced to this topic by learning about the first people in Space. We discovered that a rocket was sent first, followed by a monkey, then a dog and then a man called Yuri Gagarin. We are going to learn who was next in our next lesson. 


In science we have started to look at materials again and we have linked this to our space topic. So we have designed a spacesuit and thought about which materials we could use and why. Over the next few weeks we will investigate these materials.