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Friday 28th February

Welcome back,


We hope you have had a wonderful half term.



This week we have been learning how to tell the time to the nearest minute. We then looked at telling the time n a digital clock. We then looked at the 24 hour clock.



We began to look at problem stories. We completed our cold task and then learnt the story of Vesuvius Poovius. Following that, we learnt how to write in the past tense.



We learn about light and dark. We learnt that darkness is the absence of light. We then thought about different light sources. On Friday, we learnt about how shadows are formed and how we can change the shape and size of them.



We became archeologists and took part in an archeological dig in search for Roman artefacts.



We started our new focus of basketball. We learnt how to dribble on the spot, as well as on the move. We used both our dominant and non-dominant hand.


Make sure you pop back next week to find out what we got up to on our trip to Chester!


The Year 3 Team