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Friday 28th June

This week has been an amazing transition week in to 6W, all making a big impression on Miss Parry, and really impressing her with our Maths and English knowledge. We are excited for what the future holds!


This week we have consolidated working on tables and being able to draw out key information. Later in the week we introduced properties of shapes, along with our weekly estimation station.



On Monday, we had a great outdoor learning session in ‘The Alps’, which led to writing an Imagine3 sentence and a setting description. These were filled with year 5 features and beautiful handwriting. Some children felt so proud of their writing that they read it out to the whole class. A super week for writing!


We have started a new topic this week, kicking it off with a lesson about North America. Finding lots of interesting facts on the chrome books.

There are 23 countries in North America. The largest country is Canada.



We conducted an experiment to discover the properties of materials, logging our findings in a table and using them to predict what each material would be used for and why.


This week had us all engaged and really excited about our lesson. Click below to see what we did!


The sun was out this week, so on the field we went to play a great game of rounders. After a close game, filled with fantastic team work and some amazing batting, the final score was 7-8.5



Pupil of the Week


For his great sportsmanship during a PE lesson. Being an amazing example of a team captain by putting other people’s feelings before winning. Great team work Logan!