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Friday 28th June



This week has been a very interesting week. We got to meet our new teachers! We had lots of fun learning about what is in store for next year. We are all very eager to begin.


It has been our chance to ‘show what we know’. We have completed end of year quizzes. This has shown the immense progress made by all children this year! Keep it up.


In English we have continued our Talk For Writing process learning the story of the Canal. We focussed on setting descriptions this week.


Do all animals have skeletons? This week we have learnt about vertebrates and invertebrates. We then classified animals into the two groups.


Rounders! We learnt how to field. This involved us thinking about where we were stood on the field and where the ball lands!


Paul Hoggard was this weeks focus. We looked at some of his sand sculptures and used his inspiration to design our own. We will be making these sand sculptures in the next few weeks, so make sure call back to see the finished product.


We have started to input our data about UK costal destinations into PurpleMash using the 2investigate software.


Madame Wilson came in this week and we started to learn about French breakfast foods. Next week we will be tasting the food. Please return the reply slip before Thursday 4th July.