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Friday 29th April

Welcome back to 5W’s blog of the week.



This week in maths the children have continued looking at fractions, decimals and percentages-focussing on the relationship between the three. The children know how to convert a fraction into a decimal and a percentage. We moved onto looking at finding percentages of amounts. We are now able to find 50%, 10%, 25%, 75%, 1% and even 15% of an amount! Really clever stuff indeed. Some of the class even looked at how to find a percentage amount off an item (which will come in handy when in a sale).


We have been looking at different types of texts this week, particularly focusing on Myths. We read the story of Pandora and Prometheus, the class really enjoyed reading a text that explains in a magical way how humans were put onto earth. The children read through the text and wrote their own opinion on the story and made predictions about the text.


We have continued looking at forces this week. This week we focussed on water resistance and upthrust. The children learned that these are both forces that act in water. Next week we will look at it in much more detail when we conduct an experiment to measure water resistance.


This week we have continued with our new topic ‘The Ancient Greeks’. The children have been finding out all about what life was like for the Ancient Greeks, what the houses where like, the jobs people had, marriages and roles. As well as this, the children looked at the timeline of Ancient Greece and the historical events that took place on certain dates.

Our certificate winner this week was Emma, for being an absolute delight to have in class. Always putting 110% effort into everything she does, well done Emma!

Remember that it is Bank Holiday weekend, so school will be shut on Monday. Have a lovely weekend and day off and I will see you all on Tuesday morning.