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Friday 29th April

Friday 29th April 2016


Welcome back to Year 5F’s blog for the week.


Maths –This week the children have continued looking at the relationship between fractions, decimals and percentages. They know how to convert a fraction onto both a decimal and a percentage. They went on to investigate how to find a percentage of an amount. They can confidently find 50% by halving, 25% by halving and then halving again, 75% by adding  25% and 75% together, 10% by dividing by 10 and 1% by dividing by 10 and the dividing by 10 again (dividing by 100). With all these amounts they can confidently find a percentage of any number.  Finally, they have learned how to reduce an amount by a percentage. This skill will come in very handy in the sales when they will be able to work out the new price of a reduced item.


Take a look at this online game to see what you know about percentages…

English – The children have been reading a range of texts this week. They have looked at photos and texts to see what clues they can pick up. They have played a game called COGITO which means you have to say what you think and why you think that form what you can see and have read in a text. They went on to look at the Greek myth Pandora’s Box.

Science – We have continued to look at our Forces topic. The children have been exploring air resistance. They have made spinners which they dropped and timed how long it takes to reach to the floor. Then they added a paper clip to see if that made any difference to the time taken to reach the floor. Then they added yet another paper clip to note any differences again. They repeated the test three times to make sure that their results were accurate.


Topic – We have continued with our topic all about the Ancient Greeks. The children have been finding out about daily life in Ancient Greece. As well as that, they have begun to look at the great city states of Sparta and Athens. They have been looking at the similarities and the differences between these two mighty states.

Our Certificate Winners


Abigail was awarded her certificate by Mrs Dougherty for making a gargantuan effort with her attendance and punctuality.


Bradley D received his certificate from Mrs Roche for being a model pupil in absolutely EVERY way.

All that remains to say is to have a great weekend and Bank Holiday Monday, and we will see you again on Tuesday.