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Friday 29th January

Welcome to 5W's blog of the week. 



This week in maths we have been looking at reflective symmetry. We have looked at symmetry across a vertical, horizontal and diagonal mirror line. Not only have we looked at reflective symmetry in one line but we looked at it in two lines of symmetry!

Have a go on this website and have fun with lines of symmetry. 



We have started our new class novel this week The Iron Man by Ted Hughes. We have really enjoyed reading the book so far and we have already produced some great work on the few chapters we have read. We began the week by drawing the main character based on the description told in the book. Then, the children looked at the front cover and blurb of the book and tried to deduce what might happen in the book and who the characters were, where the book was set and when the book was set. In the middle of the week we read part of the story where seagulls find parts of the Iron Mans body lying broken on a beach, the children looked at the rules of using and writing speech, and wrote a conversation that the seagulls might have between them. Next, the children wrote some wonderful similes to describe the different parts of the Iron Mans body. Finally, the children drew their own versions of the Iron Man or Iron Woman and wrote some wonderful extended Super Simile Sentences to describe their character. VERY busy week in English! 



Again this week we have looked at maps. We have been very busy learning about longitude and latitude lines, the equator, the tropics of Cancer and Capricorn, the Northern and Southern Hemisphere, the Arctic and Antarctic Circles and have been placing them all on a map. After that, we looked at GMT which stands for Greenwich Meridian time and learned that this time zone goes directly through London. We used this knowledge to find the times of other places in the world if it was 12 noon in England.



This week the children have studied a very famous man named Galileo Galilei. Who was a famous astronomer born 1564 in Pisa, Italy. He invented one of the first telescopes that had 30 times more magnification than any others. With this, he was able to view our moon and other planets and was able to study our solar system. We created a time line which highlighted all the key dates in Galileo's life. After this we looked at the two Theories about our solar system. The first being the Geocentric Theory, believed by the Catholic Church. This is the theory that the Earth is in the middle and that everything orbits the Earth (which we know is not the case). The second theory is the one believed by Galileo himself and this is the Heliocentric theory, the belief that the sun is at the centre of our Universe and everything orbits around that (which we know is true).


Our certificate winner this week was the WHOLE of 5W. For perfect punctuality, we have been ready on time and more importantly ready to learn. Keep this up please.


Just a reminder that our school trip is on Tuesday so if slips could be brought in on Monday, that would be great! Hope you all have a lovely weekend and I will see you Monday.