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Friday 29th June

Friday 29th June


Welcome to Year 5F’s blog for the week. It has, as always, been a hectic and busy week with lots going on!


Maths – This week the children have continued exploring the perimeter of simple and compound 2D shapes. They have also been investigating the area of a shape. The area is the measurement of ALL of the inside of a shape. We can do this by multiplying the lengths and widths together. The children have explored finding the area of simple and compound shapes.


Have a look at this website which lets you explore the area of compound shapes for yourself…

English - The children have been investigating the difference between fact and opinion. They have looked at different pictures and written a fact about each and an opinion. Also, the children have been using their inference skills to ‘read between the lines’ when looking at a piece of text.


Topic – The children have been learning about how and why the Ancient Greeks made pots. They discovered that they were made from clay using a potter’s wheel and then fired in a kiln. They went on to design their own Greek pots which they will be making over the next two weeks using gummed paper! In addition, working in pairs using the new Chromebooks in school, the children researched Greek pots and wrote a non-chronological report about them.


Here is our certificate winner for this week. She won for growing in confidence in Year 5. She is showing a more mature attitude in school and at home. Well done from all of us in Year 5F.

All that remains is to say goodbye for this week. We hope you have a great weekend and will see you again next week. Don’t forget to watch England playing their next match versus Colombia, in the World Cup knockout stages, on Tuesday evening at 7pm on ITV. Come on England!