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Friday 29th June

Hello, and welcome back to year 5W blog.


Perimeter was still the focus this week. Once we had mastered working the perimeter of simple shapes (squares and rectangles), we moved onto the perimeter of compound shapes.

Here, we had to work out what the missing side measurement was before we could calculate the perimeter.

Try the perimeter game.

Following this, we also looked at finding the area of a shape. This, as you know, is the length x width of a shape and is measured in square centimetres/meters etc.


We looked at ‘inference’. Miss Power gave us a picture with some questions to answer. The picture had a title ‘Drop Off’ and was of a little girl being cuddled as she was crying. The questions were;

  • How is she feeling?
  • Why is she feeling like that?
  • Who is the man?
  • Where are they?
  •  What are they thinking?  

    With inference there is no wrong answers, so long as you can back up what       you think with evidence.

     Also in English, we looked at Myths and Legends and what they are.         A myth  is a story to explain how something came into being. Whereas,       a legend  is a semi-true story.


In topic this week we looked at the timeline of events that happened in Ancient Greece. These included (to name a few);

The date of the first Olympic games 776BC

508BC the beginning of democracy

500BC the ‘Classical Period’ began where a lot of interest in the arts and architecture was born.

432BC the Parthenon in Athens is finished.

Also, we learnt about hoplites. A Hoplite was a Greek soldier who fought in the army and navy. We studied what they wore and items they had.

These include:

• bowls (offer to gods)

• breast plate (to protect their chest)

• tunic (a dress like garment)

• greaves (to protect their shins)

• spear (for long range aim)

• helmet (to protect their heads)


Pupil of the week is . . . watch this space! 


                                                    Marli Davies for her continued, calm, consistent approach to her learning; showing her readiness for year 6.


As it is close to the end of term, it was decided that some children can help to write the blog. Some of the above and the closing conclusion has been written by Ruby!



Finally, it’s going to be a scorching hot weekend! So, don’t forget to wear your sun hat, glasses and suntan lotion! Also stay hydrated by drinking lot of fluids.


Enjoy your Weekend!