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Friday 29th March

Hello again,


The weathermen have said we are due for a 3 month heatwave. Shall we believe them?


Things are certainly heating up in Y6 right now with SATS around the corner. This week has seen us practising papers in reading and maths. Whatever happens in May, the improvements that have been seen when children are asked to apply their knowledge in test-like conditions are nothing short of incredible, many children securing more than double the scores they have done earlier in the year. 


In English, we have drafted a balanced argument that examines whether Victorian schools should be re-instated? Most children agree that they see the benefits of a strict regime with impeccacbly behaved and respectful pupils. However, none would want a return to harsh, physical punishments, such as canings and the wearing of a dunce's cap. 


Hope to see you all at Parent's Evening in the coming week. Everybody has been given an appointment that hopefully suits. And then......... a well deserved break can ensue. Not too much though, Y6 pupils will have an Easter Holiday home work pack and reading to complete. It's going to be a hectic final term.


Bye for now!