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Friday 29th March

Hello and welcome to the blog from 5W.


Addition and subtraction of fractions was our start to the week. This is fairly straight forward until the denominators are different numbers. Eg, 6/8-1/4=

The trick is to make the denominators the same so 1/4 would become 2/8 (we converted by multiplying the numerator and denominator by 2) so 6/8-2/8=4/8 which is the same as a 1/2.



In English we looked at information on endangered species. Our job was to write a report to tell people why they are endangered and what can be done to help them. We started by reading some information about some endangered animals and did some research on chrome books. Then we made a plan, with sub headings of; diet, habitat, why they are endangered, how many of them are left and what we can do to help conserve them.

Also in English, we had a reading skills lesson. Our job was to use inference; finding evidence from the text to infer characters feelings, thoughts and motives. We also discussed the text to ensure we understood the meaning of words in context. For example: the word fathom has two meanings

  • A unit used to measure the depth of water
  • To work something out

In the following sentence it refers to working something out.

She desperately tried to fathom where she had seen him before.



We were shown a film on global warming followed by a discussion. Our job was to think how to be an Eco Tourist in order to help the planet. Things like do not litter, take your rubbish home with you. Stay to designated paths; you don’t want to damage plants. Where possible leave your car at home; walk or cycle instead, treat animals/ habitats with respect., buy local produce.

Spring Assembly

We worked hard this week; learning lines and songs, completing art work and rehearsing for the Spring Assembly. We hope to see you on Wednesday morning next week so we can perform it for you. 

Pupil of the week… Is Jessica; for being an absolute star! A complete change in attitude towards her work resulting in great progress, which in turn has improved her self confidence.


Have a great weekend! Only one more week till we break up for Easter!


The Spring Assembly on Wednesday morning at 9.15am.