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Friday 29th November

Hello again,

Welcome back to another busy week in Y6F. This is the week we have started constructing our electronic games that we designed previously. The children have started to create their game board and are currently wiring up the reverse side with electrical wire which will complete a circuit when the game is played. Exciting stuff! Keep coming back to see some of our games when they are ready. 


In our English this week, which has been unavoidably interrupted by assessments and our cinema visit, we have put the finishing touches to a letter of persuasion. this has been an innovation task that has been scaffolded, allowing the children to develop necessary techniques. Next will be invention where children will have to produce writing of this genre independently. 


In maths, we have introduced the idea of adding fractions, including those that are mixed numbers. All the children that have quick times tables recall find this concept much more straightforward. Another great reason to practise, practise, practise!


Here's till next time