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Friday 29th September

Hello and welcome back to Yr 5W Blog; what a busy week it’s been.


Dates in Roman Numerals were the objective that started the week. So MMXVII = 2017 and MCMLXIV = 1964

The following day, we began to look at counting on and back in 10s from a given number. So 34 becomes 44 or 24, 167 becomes 177 or 157, 1249 becomes 1259 or 1239. It gets tricky when you have to cross the tens barrier e.g. 293 becomes 303.

Have a try at the game.


Our first job this week was to imagine we were Charlie. We had just found some money and bought chocolate bar, hoping there was going to be a golden ticket in it! We then wrote a paragraph about it. Setting was our next focus; inside the chocolate factory to be exact. We jotted down what we could see and what we thought it would feel like, before writing a selection of different sentences (De:De, 2Ad, similie) as well as remembering fronted adverbials to start our sentences.


As the large, wooden door creaked open, I was mesmerised by the sight before me: a vast array of vibrant plants of all shapes and sizes that Mr Wonka said were all completely edible!



Looking at how seeds are dispersed was our focus this week. Seeds are dispersed in a variety of ways.

The main methods plants use to disperse their seeds to places with better growing conditions than directly under the parent plant include gravity, animals, wind, water and force. Often a plant will spread its seeds by a combination of these methods. We looked and sorted some pictures into different methods of dispersal.


In our topic we labelled the seven continents and five oceans on a map of the world. Miss Power was really impressed that we had remembered the song we learned in Yr3 to help us remember them.

The Continents are Europe, North and South America, Africa, Australasia, Antarctica and Asia.

The Oceans are the Pacific, the Atlantic, the Artic, the Indian and the Southern

Pupil of the Week is…

Maddison for her compassionate thoughts and selfless decision to have her hair cut and donate to those less fortunate than herself. What a truly lovely thing to do!

Not only the pupil of the week but chosen as the cup winner. frownfrownfrownno


And a special Well Done to…

those children who took the time to prepare a speech to become a School Councillor. We appreciate how difficult it is to stand in front of your class mates and deliver the reasons why you are the person for the job. Mrs Baker is going to count the votes so watch this space for the results.



Have a great weekend and we’ll see you again on Monday.