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Friday 29th September

Hello again!


In English this week we investigated the 8 parts of speech (or word classes) that sentences are built from. Do you know what a determiner or preposition is? What about a pronoun or adverb? We also took inspiration from Willy Wonka's Chocolate Room to build a creative piece of description in which we make use of figurative language (similes, metaphors and personification). Enjoy our extracts........................


I opened the giant, chocolatey doors and suddenly the smell pulled me in and then I saw the room of my dreams. (Tyler)


...... the chocolate stream was a curling snake wandering through the wild. (Dona)


The mouth-watering, melted marshmallows got sticky and clumped together like fluffy, white clouds. (Kara) 


Mouth-watering smells circled the room around explosions of taste. (Hollie)



In maths we have practised written and mental methods for addition and subtraction and introduced bar modelling as an aid to organising the information in written problems.


In topic we have watched the film version of Goodnight Mr Tom about an evacuee in the war who had to stay with a grumpy old man. 


If you havent requested a slot at the forthcoming parent's meeting, then there is still time!


Bye for now,