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Friday 2nd December

Where has the time gone? It is December already!


3W's pupil of the week got the certificate for their gripping version of 'The Tunnel'. They captivated their audience when they read it to the class.


Well done to our superstar readers, who have read everyday this week! Will you be there next week?



In maths this week we have come to the end of subtraction.. We have learnt how to use the compact method to subtract. We then learnt how to use rounding to estimate answers. Following that we learnt the inverse of operations and used this knowledge to help us solve problems.



We have finished looking at 'The Tunnel'. We wrote our own version and then read it aloud to the class. Following that we reviewed the book we have been reading for the past few weeks. On Friday we learnt and applied the rule of using a and an.



In science we learnt about the fossilisation process. This is how fossils are formed over millions of years.



We looked at cave art from millions of years ago. The paintings in caves tell a story, we then told our own stories in the form of cave art. These will be on display shortly. We can't wait for to you see them!



We learnt the days of the week in French and spoke about what we do on each day!


A few weeks ago our class entered a Christmas card competition. We all had to design our own Christmas cards for Lisa Nandy MP who will send this Christmas card to all our her colleagues including the Prime Minister and even the Queen! I am delighted to announce that out of all of the children in primary schools in Wigan, a child in our class was chosen. That child will go to the town hall to a special presentation and receive their award from the mayor.