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Friday 2nd December

Friday 2nd December


Welcome back to Year 5F’s blog for this week. All we have to say is….WAHOO IT’S DECEMBER!!!!! The countdown to Christmas begins!


Maths – The children have been looking at multiplication this week. They began by multiplying a 2-digit number by a 2-digit number and then moved on to multiplying a 3-digit number by a 2-digit number. Some of the children have been using the grid method to work out the answers while others have used the formal (long multiplication) method.


Take a look at this website to see how to use the grid method. You type in the numbers you want to multiply and then put the answers in the boxes…

This website will take you through long multiplication step by step…

English – The children have continued to look at dragons. This week they have been writing their very own dragon story. In their story, at first they had to find a dragon’s egg which cracks open revealing a tiny, vulnerable dragon. They decide to keep the dragon a secret and hide it in school, taking care of it and feeding it every day to help it grow stronger. However, the dragon misses its family and needs to get back home. This means helping the dragon to learn to fly, which was not as easy as it looked. Eventually, the dragon is reunited with its family.


Topic – The have been looking at Viking long ships. They looked at the features, (the prow, sail, shields, hull, oars and the keel) where they were located and how each one impacted on the effectiveness of the boat. They then went on to design their own Viking long ship in their sketch books. They made several different sketches until they decided on their favourite one. They then used this image to create a final piece of art using oil pastels to add colour. They are looking AMAZING! We hope to show you the finished pieces on next week's blog.

Science – The children have continued to look at life-cycles. This week they have investigated the life-cycle of a human and pregnancy. They have thought about questions they would like to ask somebody who is pregnant.


A big thank you to everyone who sent in their child’s picture – the teachers have cooed over all the baby photos. How cute do they all look? We will be using them next week for Science so if you’ve not sent them in yet there’s still time.


Take a look at the ones we’ve had so far…

Can you guess who's who?


And now for Miss Catherall and Mrs Roberts…

Here is our Pupil of the Week. They won their certificate for a truly wonderful and excellent piece of Year 5 writing all about helping a lost, little dragon find its way back home. What a super star!

A big well done from all of Year 5W. nosmileynosmiley 

All that remains to say is have a great weekend. Wrap up because it’s going to be cold!!!!!