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Friday 2nd February

Hello and welcome back to 5W’s blog. We can’t believe it is February already!


We carried on with division and chunking, but with 4 digit numbers.




              2365÷ 5= 473 2365                           x 1   5

            -2000 (400x)                                     x 2  10

                365                                                   x 4  20

                350 (70x)                                       x 5  25

                   15                                                   x 10 50

                   15 (3x)                                          x 20 100

                                                                          x 50 250

                                                                         x 100 500

                                                                        x 200 1000

Following this we looked at division with remainders (using the same chunking method).

Next week we move on to 'bus stop' method of division. The following game might help you with next weeks work.



We began the week looking at our new novel;

The Iron Man by Ted Hughes.

We stuck a picture of the front and back covers in our books and did some predictions. Miss Power then read a few pages to ‘wet our appetites’. The next task was to highlight some description of the Iron Man text and record them around our own drawings of what we thought he might look like.

Thinking we were seagulls was our next task. I know that sounds strange, but there are seagulls in the story and we performed a speaking and listening task pretending were looking for food but finding bits of metal and other unusual bits of scrap! This was followed by writing the speech in speech bubbles and then finding better words for ‘said’. This led to learning how to use ‘speech marks’ correctly.


In science this week, we looked at facts about the Earth, Sun and Moon. We had a physical explanation of how the earth orbits the sun (anti-clockwise) while rotating on its axis (also anti-clockwise). Not forgetting the moon which orbits the Earth as it spins.

We also looked at the geocentric and heliocentric theories. It was once believed that the earth was at the centre of our solar system, with all the other planets orbiting it (Geocentric). Aristotle (384BC-322BC) and Ptolemy (100AD-170AD) both supported this theory.

Over 1000 years later Copernicus (1473-1543) and Galileo (1564-1642) supported the heliocentric theory.



We looked at the Earth in more depth this week. It is made up of layers; the inner and outer Core, the Mantle and the Crust.

Miss Power told us some facts about each layer.

Pupil of the Week is Dominik for;


Being polite, hardworking, a team player and an avid reader. A true gentleman of Yr5!

Hope you all have a good weekend. Welcome February. Remember it’s our trip to Jodrell Bank on Wednesday 7th February; so school uniform and warm coats are essential.