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Friday 2nd February 2018

Did we mention that we are reading Polar Bear Explorers' Club by Alex Bell?  Did we say just what a great book it's turning out to be?  We did? Oh, well, let's just say it again -it's a great book!nosurprise

The Polar Bear Explorers' Club tend to do their exploring in The Icelands.  However, there are 3 other clubs -The Ocean Squid Explorers' Club, The Jungle Cat Explorers' Club and The Desert Jackal Explorers' Club.  Each of the clubs have their own set of rules.  All of which, Alex Bell has made laugh-out-loud funny.  In fact, it was the Polar Bear Explorers' Club rules that made us want to read the book when our teacher shared them with us.

Take a look at some of them here.

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This week we have been busy in English writing our own set of rules.  We have been writing the Westfield Explorers' Club rules.  Take a look.  We think some of ours are pretty funny too (as well as being pretty well written of course).

In Maths this week, we have started our work on fractions.  At the beginning of the week, we thought that fractions were a little scary, and that really they should be taught at Halloween.  But, after assurances from our teachers that they don't bite -we gave them a go.  You know what?  Our teachers were right, they're not that scary after all.  We have been looking at fraction walls, and how some fractions are the same as others -we call these equivalent fractions.  Take a look.

So, if you count two thirds and follow the line down, you will notice that it lines up with four sixths and eight twelfths. These are equivalent fractions.  2/3 = 4/6 = 8/12.


Take a look at this webpage -and play the equivalent fraction game. here 

(The rule is -what you do to the top, you must do to the bottom.)

See you next time.