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Friday 2nd February

Friday 2nd February


It's been a busy old week this week (when are they not?)!


In English, we have looked closely at how to set out and punctuate direct speech so that it helps convey character or move along the action. It is highly complex and requires great attention to detail. However, there has been plenty of really super examples, displaying a lot of effort and variety. 


As well as that, the children have undertaken a full reading SATS practice test this week, with plenty of successes. It is now the right time to introduce this practice as the tests have to be against the clock and some children need time to adjust to the demands of the pace and rigour needed. 


In maths we have been calculating the area of triangles and parallelograms (we must remember to halve the base x height for triangles) and how to calculate the volume of cuboids. Plus, like in reading, we are having regular practice with timed arithmetic to sharpen our skills.


In topic we have listened to an audio story about a boy who started work as a trapper in a Victorian coal mine. He was a Geordie (from Newcastle area) so we had fun re-telling his story whilst maintaining his colloquialisms (slang terms). Quite tricky whilst at the same time maintaining grammatical accuracy. Way-ay man!!!!!! 


Have a good week