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Friday 2nd March

Hello and welcome back to 5W’s blog. Hope you all had a good break.


Carrying on with fractions was our job in maths. We had to look at equivalent fractions and work out how to convert them.

For example, to change 2/5 into 20ths you multiply the denominator (the bottom of the fraction 5) by 4 to get 20 and then you multiply the top of the fraction (numerator 2) by 4 as well to get 8.

So 2/5 is equivalent to 8/20


In English we carried on studying the Iron Man. We watched a small clip and had to describe the setting and the atmosphere; thinking about what you could see, hear and feel if you had been there. Also this week we were treated to a brilliant performance at Shevington High School all about ‘Punctuation’. It was great fun!

Talking of fun, Thursday was ‘World Book Day’. Dressing up and some exciting activities were the order of the day (as well as our usual work).



In science we completed a timeline all about Galileo from his birth in Pisa Italy on the 15th February 1564 to his death in 1642. We discovered that one of his greatest achievements was to build an improved telescope that enabled him to discover Jupiter.

Special Assembly

We had a special assembly this week (so no certificates were given out) with Paralympian footballer Roy Turnham. He spoke to us about being born blind and the challenges he has faced to become a footballer for the British Paralympiam team. He was very inspirational and a key part to his success is perseverance. Pudsey, his guide dog, was very adorable! Sadly, the sponsored exercises have had to be postponed as Roy’s colleague was poorly. They will be rearranged.



A very Happy Birthday to Amber F, we hope you have a lovely time (shopping!)


Stay safe and warm over the weekend!