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Friday 2nd March

Meet Roy Turnham.

This is the Paralympic and professional blind footballer who paid us a visit today. He gave the whole school such an inspiring, touching and humorous talk today about his life and that despite disability he has become a top sportsman. 


Unfortunately, we were unable to undertake the sponsored circuit training activities that went with his visit as the facilitator was poorly. However, it will be re-scheduled. 



Yesterday was World Book Day and there is a big well done to all the pupils who gave some thought at how their clothes could represent literature. We had Harry Potters, Harry and a bucketful of dinosaurs, artifacts from Percy Jackson to name a few. Even the teachers were Victorians from Hetty Feather. 


In English this week we are mid way through drating and writing a fantasy tale featuring thumb-sized  hero Tom Trueheart. Stay tuned for extracts at a later date...............


In maths we have been solving ratio problems such as: Cheese is 60p per 100g. How much is it for 350g? Try it!