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Friday 2nd March

Friday 2nd March


Welcome to Y5F’s first blog for this half term! It has been another busy (and blustery) week as usual.


Maths – This week we have been investigating fractions. The children have been investigating equivalent fractions. They have looked at calculations with missing numerators or missing denominators. Using their knowledge of multiplication and division facts they have been able to solve the calculations.


Take a look at the BBC BiteSize website which helps to explain it a little further...

English – This week we have continued working using our class novel, The Iron Man by Ted Hughes. The children have been thinking about how to add atmosphere to their work by using adjectives. They have concentrated on writing about a setting using description and atmosphere.


Science – This week the children have learned about the life of the astronomer Galileo. They have looked at the key events from his life. Did you know that he was locked up for his belief that the sun was at the centre of the solar system and not the earth as the church believed? The children have created a timeline of his life in their books.


On Wednesday, we were invited to Shevington High School to watch a performance all about punctuation. The children thoroughly enjoyed themselves. The performance included singing, rapping, learning dance moves, quizzes and lots of interaction with the host. It was a really fun way to learn all about punctuation and how and why we use it.


We would like to wish you all a fantastic weekend. Keep safe and wrap up warm in these extreme weather conditions.