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Friday 2nd November

Friday 2nd November


Welcome to this half term’s first blog from Year 5F. It has been a busy first week back!


Maths – The children have continued to investigate column addition and subtraction. They have continued looking at how to use the bar model to help them solve addition and subtraction problems. They have also began looking at how to balance equations. This means making sure that both sides of the equal symbol in a number sentence (equation) are of the same value.


For example…


234 + _____ = 998 – 282


We can work out the answer to 998- 282 which is 716. Therefore…

234 + _____ = 716


Once we know this, we have to decide whether we need to add or subtract the two numbers to solve the missing number. If we take 234 away from 716 that will give us 482. To check if we are correct, we apply the inverse (the opposite) which means adding 482 and 234 which should give us 716.


So, 234 + 482 = 716 now both sides of the equation are of the same value (balanced).


Have a look at this website which helps to explain balancing equations further and then gives you some examples to try for yourself…



English – This week, the children have listened to a short story called Bling by Jon Blake. It is the story of a young boy called Billy Midas, who has no friends other than his pet cat Goji. He meets a rather peculiar creature called a Chimichanga who grants him a wish. He wishes that he make things become gold and is given a magic cushion that turns anything placed on it into gold. He tells some of the other children at school and they start to bring him things to change for them. All of a sudden, Billy becomes very popular and is soon ‘Top Dog’ at school. One day, he comes home from school to find that Goji is Ly on top of his cushion turned into solid gold. Billy then faces the dilemma of what to do next…should he ask the Chimichanga to change Goji back and become friendless again or keep her forever gold and lose his beloved pet?


The children have created a WANTED poster with a description of the Chimichanga so that he can help Billy with his awful problem.


Take a look at Jon Blake’s website to find out more about the author and some of the other books he has written…


Science – The children have completed our topic by learning about the different ways that seeds can be dispersed and the life cycle of a flowering plant.


Topic – Before we begin our new topic, the children have taken a look at different events in history which they have already learned about in school. They then had to place them into chronological (time) order. After that, they then produced a chronological timeline in their books.


Here is our certificate winner this week. She won for making a phenomenal effort to continue her learning at home – resulting in stunning progress in class. She went on to win the UPPER PHASE PUPIL OF THE WEEK TROPHY which she gets to keep at home for the next week. Congratulations and well done from all of us!  

All that remains to say is have a great weekend. Enjoy any Bonfire Night celebrations you have planned for the weekend. This website has useful tips on how to keep safe…

We will see you again on Monday.