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Friday 30th June



This weeks pupil of the week won the award for their infectious smile.



This week we have been learning about lengths. We started by measuring lengths using different units and we then went onto converting units of length.



We have been looking at Spelling and Grammar this week. Starting with prefixes and suffixes, then moving onto homophones and on Friday we looked at the K sound spelt ch. For example 'echo'.



This week we looked at animals skeletons and we had to match the animal to their skeleton.



We made notes and then produced a leaflet persauading people to visit Blackpool.



We continued to research information to put into the fields on our database.



Thank you for you continued support in this weeks Pop Star day. There were some excellent costumes and the children had a very enjoyable day.

Dear Parent / Carer Due to unforeseen circumstances the parents evening for Year 5F for Monday 2nd October has been postponed. We will confirm a new date as soon as possible. Apologies for any inconvenience.