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Friday 30th November

Hello and welcome to the 5W’s blog.


After some final consolidation on long multiplication, we moved on to division. The method we looked at was ‘bus stop’. Obviously the better you know your tables the easier the division was.


This week we began a new novel, ‘How to train your dragon’ by Cressida Cowell. Our English will be based on the novel for the next three weeks. Our first job was to predict what we thought would happen in the book. Next, we had a short extract from the book and had a comprehension to complete.


In science, we looked at the final life cycle of the topic ‘mammals’. A mammal is a warm blooded vertebrate animal of a class that is distinguished by the possession of hair or fur, females (typically) give birth to live young and feed them on milk.


We combined writing and topic this week by reading, watching a film clip, then planning a diary extract, pretending we were a Viking. We retold the experiences of the raid on Lindisfarne.

A little reminder

Westfield Christmas Bake Off is here again. You are invited to bake and bring cupcakes or one whole cake to school on the Thursday 6th December. They will be judged along with class cakes, and there will be a cake sale at the end of the day to raise funds for the children.

Good Luck everyone!

Pupil of the week is …… Liliana. For her effort to ensure her handwriting is beautifully presented in everything she does; making her work an absolute pleasure to read and mark.

Well enjoy your weekend; only three weeks till we break up for you know what!