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Friday 30th September 2016

Friday 30th September 2016

Wow -that was a quick week! It almost felt like...say, 7 days or something...or 168 hours...or 10,080 minutes...You get it right?

Well, another busy week this week.  In English, we have been drafting our paragraphs on Roald Dahl.  We broke these down into Early Life, Writing Career and Later Life.  On Friday, we spent some time writing these up in `best' (we had already proof read them).


Take a look at these couple of examples -the first from Anmol and the second from Maddie.  Not only is the content great, but look at how good our presentation and joined handwriting is looking.

Anmol's Final Draft

Maddie's Final Draft

In PSHE we have been looking at microorganisms.  These are small -so small that we can't see them without a microscope -bacteria.  We thought about all the different ways that the bacteria could be transferred, and how we can help prevent this happening.  We are now thinking about the best way to show this as a poster.


Friday afternoon has been great.  Because our school managed 96% attendance last week, Mr Sherriff agreed that we could have Friday afternoon to do fun things.  (Though our lessons are fun too!)  The highlight of our afternoon was when the whole school went out for a playtime and we got to play with younger brothers and sisters.  Exciting times!  I wonder what treat Mr Sherriff will let us have if....when we achieve 100% attendancesurprise


Have a good week, we'll check in next