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Friday 31st January

Hello there!


Another week in Y6 has gone by with plenty to show for it!


In English/history we have used an audio story to inspire our own creative writing. "Trapper's Day" is the story of Jimmy Turton's first day of working at a colliery (coal mine). At only 11 years of age, he has to sit alone in a pitch-black mine tunnel, fighting back the urge to fall asleep, in order to open and close a trap door at regular intervals. Why? because doing so would prevent the build up of deadly firedamp (methane) gas which was known to cause devastating explosions. 


In maths, we have continued to work on percentages - solving problems and reasoning tasks while showing knowledge of their fraction and decimal equivalents. This can be very tricky but one thing that helps always is when children know times tables and related division facts inside out and back to front. So please, help all the children practise at home!