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Friday 31st January


This week we have had another go at writing speech, and included it in our setting description. We completed the hot task and even looked at prefixes and suffixes. Sud den ly



That’s right, bus stop division. Also known as short division. We have been working so hard on this that we are now regrouping, using base 10.



We have been sorting out the magnetic from the non-magnetic items around the classroom. They have been drawn and labelled in our books.



With natural disasters happening all the time on our earth, we found it quite relevant this week talking about volcanoes. We discussed the advantages and disadvantages of one. It was a great discussion and we found plenty to write about.



Another week of gymnastics. We focused on balancing skills, counter balancing and jumping techniques. Some groups put their moves together and created a routine.



We are nearing the end of our fantastic book ‘The Butterfly Lion’. We have been reading with a lot of expression and fluency, making our Teacher very happy!